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Frequently Asked Questions



How often should my windows be cleaned?


Most of our customers prefer to have their windows cleaned at least twice a year (spring and fall). We offer monthly, quarterly and semi-annual service. We can customize a program that works for you.


Do you have a guarantee?
We guarantee our work will be to your satisfaction or we will re-clean them for free. We also offer a 3 day rain guarantee. If it rains within 3 days of completion, we will re-clean the exterior windows to your satisfaction.

Are you insured?


We have a one million dollar liability insurance policy to protect you and your property from any damage caused by our window cleaning crew. We are also bonded. Our crew is professionally trained and every care is taken to avoid any damage.
How do you charge for window cleaning?

Each window is different and each home has different sizes and styles of windows. We can give a rough estimate over the phone or email, however there are some windows that require more effort to clean and may have an increased charge. Our price quote will include windows and glass doors, interior and exterior, screens and track cleaning.


Do I need to move anything?


No. We will move any items that interfere with access to the windows. You do not need to remove window coverings. We ask you remove any valuable item that you do not want our crew to handle.


Do you offer year round service?

Yes. We know it is important to you have clean windows year round. Whatever the temperature, we will clean your windows so you can enjoy all four seasons.


What do you use to clean my windows?


We have several products for a variety of applications. Wherever possible we use environmentally friendly and biodegradable products. We are concerned about the environment and keeping your home safe from harmful chemicals.
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