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Water is the Best Solution


Pure water is the best product to use for cleaning windows. By virtue of the nature of water, it does not like being pure and it strives to return to its impure state. Therefore, it actually absorbs dirt particles from the glass aiding the cleaning process. Because of the aggressive strength of pure water you do not need to use cleaning detergents on the windows which saves you money and time, and is better for the environment. Due to the impurities being removed you do not need to squeegee the windows. Simply rinsing the glass after agitation leaves an excellent streak free finish.



  • The windows stay cleaner longer - because no sticky detergents are left on the window
  • Reach higher - we can clean windows up to four stories high without the use of expensive or dangerous equipment
  • No ladders - use of ladders is not  necessary in most situations
  • More than glass cleaning - your exterior window frames and sills are being cleaned as well
  • Environmentally friendly - only pure water is used, eliminating the need for detergents or chemicals

Interior Window Cleaning


Although we have to use the squeegee method to clean the interior windows, we use a biodegradable soap combined with pure water that leaves minimal deposits on the glass. This soap is also environmentaly friendly and window tinting safe.
We include a free cleaning of your sills and  tracks so that your whole window looks clean, and your windows will open more easily. We use a cloth to dry up any water left from the squeegee. 
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